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"Only if we understand can we care.

Only if we care can we help.

Only if we help shall they be saved."

– Dr. Jane Goodall

About Me

Masako Simmons

Trust Technique® Practitioner/Reiki Master

  • Qualified the Crossfields Institute Level 3 Diploma in Mindfulness for People with their Animals (Domestic Animals): Trust Technique® Practitioner. 

  • Usui Reiki Master Practitioner

  • Completed Animal Communication Training Certificate Course with Joan Ranquet.


I was born and grew up in a countryside at the foot of a mountain in Japan. I was surrounded by dogs, cats (stray or domestic), other wild animals, small living beings and abundance of nature. I was the child who brought stray dogs and cats home and troubled the parents. When I had to decide what to do with my life, I briefly thought about working with animals, but only occupations I could think of at that time were a veterinarian and a zoo keeper. I couldn't see myself going through a surgery on animals or feeding wild animals in captivity. So, I moved on to a totally different direction.

Wake-up Call

My life became busier, I got married, moved to the U.S., got divorced, and worked hard to support myself. I was too busy surviving and totally lost touch with myself. Even after I landed on a good corporate job, this nagging question started to pop up in my head "why am I even here? what's my purpose?" I felt like drowning and just wanted to disappear from this world. I intuitively knew I had to change something. That was when I met a wonderful group of people. They were more mature as humans, seemed to already have been through I was going through, and opened up my perspectives. One of the books they recommended "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle was mind blowing. I started to read as many spiritual books as possible, listened to as many spiritual teachers as possible, and attended workshops when I could. I was soaking up those new perspectives for a while. In order to change how I felt or the environment I was in, I needed to change myself. It was easier said than done. Around this phase of my life, I received attunements to become a Reiki practitioner, and eventually became a Reiki Master.


Although I began to understand how our consciousness and unconsciousness played the roles in our lives, like many others, I couldn't change my unconscious habits (because it's unconscious!). I kept working on myself, but the nagging question "what's my purpose?" never went away, instead, it got bigger and louder. What do I really want to do? I tried to go back to remember what I liked when I was a child. I liked art and liked painting. I started painting. Although I enjoyed painting, I didn't have a passion to paint everyday. It was more like therapeutic. One day, I had a session with a life coach. My occupation was a Japanese-English translator, so she suggested to translate spiritual books I liked, but I told her it didn't really sit well with me. Then she suggested to follow my joy no matter how small it may seem. "Well, she didn't understand me", I thought, and went on my life without finding my purpose. Then, it suddenly hit me. I was watching animal's videos every single day on YouTube or Facebook. Every time I see animals in person or on a screen, it gave me joy, it was right on my face and was too close to see it. Now, what can I do to work with those lovely animals? There are so many options nowadays.

One of the options that intrigued me was an animal communication, and I took a few online courses with different teachers. One of the students I met through one of the courses told me about the Trust Technique® and James French, and sent me a link to "I have a dream" video. That was one of videos I watched on Facebook. I Immediately purchased the animal communication ACT1 online, then the Trust Technique® Video Course soon after. I watched the videos everyday as much as I could. I couldn't stop watching this amazing technique and how animals reacted over and over again. I wanted to learn this to teach people with their animals. As soon as the Trust Technique® Practitioner course started online, I jumped in. They taught 3Ps (peace, patience and persistence) in the video course, and one more P "Purpose" was added for the practitioners. This is the purpose I was searching for! While I was taking this course, I also completed 4-day Animal Communication Workshop with Joan Ranquet.


I loved all types of animals all my life but I realized that I loved them on my own terms. Every single animal I encountered was my guide and teacher, even when it was only a brief moment. They all patiently guided me through and I'm sure they will continue to do so, not only for me but also for all humans. I wish I knew what I know now. With the Trust Technique® , I could have listened to them better, I could have understood them better, I could have taken better care of them, and most of all, I could have much much deeper level of relationship with them. My mission is to spread this Trust Technique® to anyone who like to learn to work with their own animals so that they can experience much deeper trusting connections with their animals.

Animals are my joy

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