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Are You Sending Mixed Signals? - Animal Communication

What do you mean? Stop sending me mixed signals.

We all know what those puppy eyes do to us. You just can’t say NO. Whether it is a dog or a cat, or any other furry friends you live with, it is hard to say no sometimes. However, we need to learn a clear communication in order to live together in harmony. Dogs can be more problematic than the other smaller pets such as cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, etc. due to their size and loud barking.

A lady I’ve met was giving her puppy a treat when he barks at their neighbors through the window. She said “quiet boy, here is a treat”. Her puppy got quiet… for a moment, but after a while he learned that he gets the treat when he barks (animals are so smart!), and he started barking every time when he wants the treat. This was not her intention at all. It was quite the opposite.

Another example is when you give your furry friends human food from the dinner table and then tell them to go away when guests come over for a dinner. It is very confusing to animals. Some human foods, salts, spices, etc. are not good for animals anyway. You can ask them to stay somewhere else while you are having a dinner or give them a Kong stuffed with kibbles (make it their meal) or filled with healthy snacks such as some veggies in broth being frozen. Be mindful, be creative, and keep them healthy.

Foods that can be poisonous to pets >>>

If you use treats, use it as an appreciation (reward), and give it at the right timing. Right after your furry friends did something you liked. Not before or much later. Some people may call it bribery, but I call it “showing appreciation” and letting your furry friends know that you liked and appreciated what they just did. It doesn’t have to be a treat, it can be praise, a toy, play time, or rubbing the belly (only if your furry friends love it).

The timing and consistency are the key.
Kong with stuffed snack
Rub my belly

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