Behavior Problem or Health Problem

why cats won't use the litter box

I often hear these comments from clients;

“My cat doesn’t use the litter box”

“My dog has been house broken but started peeing in the house”

My first suggestion is to take your dog/cat to a veterinarian and make sure there is no underlying health issues.

Why cats won't use the litter box

It could be urinary tract infection, kidney disease, diabetes, diarrhea, etc. If there are no health problems found, take a look at the cat’s litter and the litter box.

  • Clean the litter more frequently. It is recommended to replace entire litter with new one every month or two.

  • Change the type of litter you use. Unscented and less dust may work better as they are much more sensitive to smells.

  • Change the litter box. Cats seem to prefer an open-top box and a larger size.

  • Change the amount of litter. Start with 2 inches deep and experiment until you find the ideal depth for your cat.

  • Change the location of litter box. Place it in a location where they feel safe and don’t feel trapped.

  • Add another litter box.

If nothing works, keep record of when your cat pee/poop outside of the box to find out the trigger. It could be caused by stress, anxiety, environmental changes, etc. Learn the Trust Technique to reduce their stress and anxiety of your cat, and create a peaceful environment for your cat. Book Online for consultation.

Why dogs pee in the house after housebroken