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Chemical Free Raw Amber Repel Flea and Tick Collar

chemical free raw amber repel flea and tick collar

I don't promote any products if I haven't tried and didn't think it is good. These flea and tick collars are made of raw amber. It looks pretty, non-chemical, all-natural, inexpensive, and safe for my fur babies. People think it's just pretty jewelry.

I was trying my best to avoid chemicals as much as I could for my fur babies as well as for myself. There are many forms of flea and tick prevention methods. I used to use liquid-type drops that you put on their back. My dog, Leela hated it, and it burned one of my cat's skin. I switched to collars which are supposed to last up to 8 months. But I've read articles of side effects on dogs that even led to the death of the animal.

One of my friends tried a "natural" flea and tick collar, which contains essential oils and herbs, but told me it didn't work well.

There must be a better way!

One day, when I was browsing through a social media group, someone mentioned raw amber. She also listed a link to the online store she purchased it from. It was inexpensive but I had to try it. You'll need to measure your fur baby's neck so that you can order the right size for each individual. I ordered for my dog, Leela, and two cats, Fifi and Toe-Bee.


t's been a year and I never had a problem with flea or tick on any of them. I don't know how it works. I just know it works.

You may not have to do this, but I replace them every 6 months and take it off if my dog is getting wet.

You can purchase from Baltic Essentials. Use the search function to find "flea and tick collar".

Raw amber repel flea and tick collar

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