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For ANY Animal Who is Traumatized, Fearful, Anxious, Aggressive, Reactive, Sensitive, etc.

Creative Reaction (CR) is the foundation of the Trust Technique (TT) and a very important process. This is for ANY animal you have. It doesn't matter if it is a dog or a cat or a horse or goat.

Because we share feelings with our animals and react with each other, we can consciously get into the Present Moment (PM) to create peace of mind for the animal to react to. Each animal reacts differently, and it shows a lot about the animal.

Some animals feel the peace of mind you created and get relaxed right away. Some animals get agitated and move around, or try to walk away, or get itchy and start to scratch, and so on, as unpeace comes up to the surface. This is when we need to come out of the PM to regard the animal, and it is called Mindful Regard (MR).

MR is the key element of the TT as it creates the listening environment and gives the animals chances to release their unpeace at their pace while holding a peaceful space.

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