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Healing with Animals

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Healing with Animals : Trust Technique Heals

The Trust Technique helps your animal’s behavior problems by healing the root cause of the behavior for sure. What people don’t realize is that it also helps people. It helped me and is helping me so much in everyday life.

Because the Trust Technique taught me to reduce my thinking level to create peace of mind for my animals, I've learned to go into the peaceful state first. It taught me how to become present in an easiest way. It taught me to Be with my animals without thinking or doing anything. It taught me to look at the animal's behavior without judgment. It taught me to be aware of the animal's thinking levels as well as mine. It taught me to accept and be non-reactive when my animals do things that I don’t want them to do. It taught me to listen to my animals. It taught me to mindfully regard my animals as well as myself. In the process, I've learned and am learning a lot about myself and to heal myself.

I've learned to accept where I am and where my animals are. I can support my animals every step of the way as well as myself. As my animals heal, I heal. This practice ripples out into the other areas of my life. The Trust Technique is a treasure of my lifelong journey. My hope is that more people will discover this treasure and experience this peaceful space.

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