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How Do You Work With Multiple Dogs or Cats Using the Trust Technique?

How do you work with your multiple dogs or cats. Using the Trust Technique

When you have more than one dog or one cat, how do you work with them using the Trust Technique?

Work with the most sensitive one. Just like us between humans, or between animals and humans, animals share feelings and react with each other among themselves. By working with the most sensitive one first, and he/she becomes peaceful, it affects everyone in the pack.

When I worked with a client with three dogs, we did just that. As soon as the sensitive one got relaxed, the other ones were laying flat on the floor. They must have felt such a relief!

If you have more than one animal, start from the most sensitive one (the one with the highest thinking levels).

If you still don't know what the Trust Technique is, watch these videos.

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