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How To Introduce a New Pet

It is always exciting to bring a new pet home, but if you already have another cat or dog at home, there are some things to consider.

How are their energy levels? What are their ages? Are they good with other animals?

When we brought Leela (dog) home, we already had Fifi (cat). Leela was a year and 4 months old at that time. Fifi was almost 9 years old. Then we added another cat Toe-Bee this year. He is 10 years old. Obviously, Leela is much more energetic and bigger than the two cats.

Some say “let them work themselves out”, but I don’t think it is a good idea. Of course, it depends on the individual just like us humans. They may hit it off right away, and they may not. Cats are solitary animals by nature, and it might also make the new introduction difficult.

Introducing a dog to a cat
How to Introduce a New Pet (Leela meets Fifi)
The animal you already have may feel threatened by a new “invader”. The new animal may feel very vulnerable in the unfamiliar environment.

This high level of emotional states creates tensions and can cause a fight. The animal might connect the bad experience with the other animal and not be able to cope with that. Once they get to this point, it is difficult to reconcile. (However, the Trust Technique can help you in this process by bringing peace. Start learning for FREE! >> Click here)

So, it is best to take it slow. Separate them in the beginning. Switch the room and let them used to the smell of each other. Then let them see each other while still separated by a gate or a fence. Give them some treats when they see each other so that they can connect the good experience with each other. Don’t forget to give a lot of attention to the animal who you already had in your home. If they are good with each other through the gate, let them meet without the gate under supervision for a few minutes at a time. If there is a conflict, go back, separate them again, and repeat the process. If they are good with each other, gradually make the meeting time longer. Now you have a happy introduction!

Introducing a new cat
Who is behind the door?

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