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Introducing FIFI and LEELA

Do you have a #pet or #pets such as a #dog(s) or a #cat(s) or any other #animals in your family? If you are reading my blog, you probably have one or more, or are wanting to have one.

We currently have two rescued animals, one cat (Fifi) and one dog (Leela). I will post more about their progress in the future, but first thing first, I’d like to introduce them to you.


She is a laid-back cat. Not necessary a lap cat, but she loves to be petted and doesn’t mind being held and showered with kisses. Her former name was Teagan, but I renamed her to be “Infinity” because she was 8 years young and the 800th cat to be adopted from the shelter in the year of 2018. Then the name was shortened to be “Fifi”. She has been having a stomach problem and has been on a GI prescription diet, but never really got any better. I am trying out other alternative holistic medicines and will be writing about them as well.


She is a little skittish dog, acts like a scary cat. When we first got her in September this year (2019), she was about a year and a half old. Her weight was about 55lbs, her fur was very thin from flea problem on top of her skin allergies. The flea was treated at the shelter, and her fur has grown back in no time. She is always hungry and gained 6lbs within a month! She still has skin allergies as well as anal gland issue. I am trying out alternative holistic medicines for her also.

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