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It’s not behavior correction. It’s healing the causes of behaviors.

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

It's not behavior correction It's healing the cause of behaviors

The Trust Technique helps solving animal’s behavior problems. It’s not by correcting the behavior, but by building trust and confidence in the relationship, and healing the animal emotionally and physically. It works for all animals.

“Connection is stronger than control” – from the Messages of Trust

Behaviors are merely the expressions of animals. There is no need for correcting or dominating the animal. The Trust Technique does not make a judgment of the behavior, but it looks at the animal’s thinking levels. Animals are thinking feeling beings just like us.

So, let’s think about how we behave when we overthink.

We will worry, be anxious, be fearful, be angry, be excited…. Those emotions get heightened and we can easily be overreactive to anything. You might do or say things you regret later. You might make a irrational decision based on fear/anxiety. Those heightened emotions can come out as bad behaviors.

Now, let’s think about what happens when we reduce our thinking levels.

We will become calmer and more peaceful. We can look at environment in a peaceful way and make a discernment from the peaceful place. This alone can hugely benefit you and your animal.

The Trust Technique uses a simple method to reduce our thinking levels to reduce the animal’s thinking levels, which creates a peaceful environment and a peaceful animal. When you support your animal in this process, it builds an intuitive connection (much deeper connection) between you and your animal because it creates a listening state.

Learn more about the Trust Technique: Watch the Messages of Trust

Book remote consultation (Skype consultation): Book Online

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