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Mia Trigg - Trust Technique Practitioner in Macclesfield, Vic. Australia

Today, I'd like to introduce another Trust Technique Practitioner, Mia Trigg in Macclesfield, Vic. Australia. She was a dog trainer before she became a Trust Technique Practitioner, and very knowledgeable about dogs and other animals. She is on her way to be qualified for large animals as well!

What inspired you to become a Trust Technique Practitioner

"In 2017 a friend sent me the link to the "I have a dream" video which touched me deeply and prompted me to buy the Trust Technique's video course that teaches you how to use this method with your own animals. The skills I learned were especially useful for the foster dogs in my care. Being the only dog trainer in the rescue organisation I worked with, I usually ended up with the difficult dogs - often very anxious or shut down animals. Using the TT with my own 5 dogs and foster dogs changed me, advanced my understanding of animal-human relationships. I wanted to learn more and be part of helping others to discover the benefits of this heart-centered, very practical way of being with animals."

Tell us about your business/services
  • TT consultations (teaching the TT to people and their animals, helping rehabilitating problem behaviours)

  • dog training (in the context of the TT)

  • doggy daycare and doggy holidays (the ultimate boarding experience) with a balance between having fun and relaxing. The TT helps my doggy guests to learn how to be calm in the presence of other dogs when it's time to take a break.

  • free blog articles on my website on various animal topics

What would you like audience to know about you

"Living life at an animal's pace is deeply rewarding and a journey of self-discovery. We are transformed in every aspect of our life and experience a connection so deeply we didn't even know was possible."


"A little while ago I wrote a blog article on fear of thunder and other noise sensitivities. I spoke about how often all pet parents can do for their storm phobic dog is to keep them safe and as comfortable as possible - managing their dog's anxiety. I also shared how with the use of The Trust Technique these conditions have a chance to be overcome altogether. Here's the article:

How fast things change is individual. The severity of the anxiety as well as for how long it has been going on are certainly factors, however, even if it takes a bit, from my experiences so far, there are usually immediate improvements visible even if not everything gets resolved straight away.

Holiday dog Russell presented me with the opportunity to show you what it can look like to help a storm phobic dog releasing their stress and starting to respond differently.

This 20-minute video starts with a short introduction and then footage of our session during a thunderstorm with commentary that I hope will make sense even if you don't know the Trust Technique at all.

Please share - there are so many dogs suffering from these fears."

And here is her update.

"Yesterday was a stormy day with lots of thunder and Russell was on my mind all day, I was wondering how he was coping.

This is a message I just received from his human.

[Hi Mia! I used the Trust Technique with him 3 times over the course of the storms and he did really well all things considered. He didn't pace or pant at all, just settled himself down on the rug in the lounge room where he was shaking and looking worried, but I was able to help him get his thinking levels down (face to tail over time) until he flopped on his side and fell asleep each time. Best experience in years!]

Such wonderful progress! I feel so delighted and joyous and proud about this update. I love helping people to improve quality of life for their animal companions."


I thought the fear of storms, thunders and loud noises is very common in dogs, and her video above shows every well how the Trust Technique helps those sensitive dogs.

This is just one example, and she has many more videos working with different animals.

TT with King Parrots

TT with cows

Here are her information...

Full Name: Mia Trigg

Business Name: The Dependable Companion

Location (City, Country): Macclesfield, Vic. Australia


Social Media Link:

#MacclesfieldVicAustralia #trusttechniquepractitioner #TTPAustralia

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