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Podcast "Did Fido Poop Today?"

Podcast Did Fido Poop Today?

This podcast is hosted by Jennifer Morrone, offering tips on care for your furry family members and fun stories from the land of pet care professionals. Jennifer is the owner of Critter Sitters and More, and is dedicated to providing a safe, loving environment when you are not home.

Her team are more than pet lovers, each team member has extensive experience in pet care and are truly professionals in the field of career of Pet Sitting. All of her Critter Care Specialists pass a thorough background checks as well as being vetted for their approach to animals and their care. All members are trained in Pet CPR and First Aid, ready to take care of your furry family.

Critter Sitters and More

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I am so honored to be interviewed by Jennifer who is a wonderful lady, truly care about your fur babies.

Episode 12: Using the Trust Technique to Strengthen the Bonds Between Pets and Their Owners

(***Due to COVID-19 and the Stay at home orders in place, this podcast was recorded during a phone call)

"The Trust Technique is a combination of animal communication and animal healing, structured in a easy to use format for pet owners and animal professionals. The Trust Technique Practitioner This qualification provides clear guidelines as to how to deliver The Trust Technique effectively, safely and within the law whilst retaining the original essence of the technique for the ultimate benefit of animals and people."

Start learning about the Trust Technique for FREE! >>> Messages of Trust

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