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Sally Utton - Trust Technique Practitioner in Marlborough UK

Sally Utton Trast Technique Practitioner Marlborough UK

I've been wanting to introduce other Trust Technique Practitioners from all over the world. The Trust Technique is a journey we took upon ourselves. I'm certain each practitioner has a story or two to tell how they discovered the Trust Technique and why they became a practitioner.

It is my honor to introduce to you one of great Trust Technique Practitioners in the United Kingdom, Sally Utton.

What inspired you to become a Trust Technique Practitioner

"My horse Grace led me down the path of becoming a TT Practitioner. When she came in to my life she was gentle and affectionate, but also anxious and reactive and she was proving a challenge. She brought into question all the beliefs I had about myself and the way humans interact with horses. Since then everything I thought I knew about horses has been turned on its head and very soon I realised that in order to help my horse I needed to be open to making some changes myself. Once I started practicing with Grace I knew I wanted to help others and be part of a changing approach to working with all animals which is much needed in the world."

Tell us about your business/services

"I offer one-to-one Trust Technique consultations for any type of animal in person or via video call and horsemanship/classical dressage lessons for individuals or small groups which very much align with the TT principles."

What would you like audience to know about you

"I am also a BHS accredited coach with many years experience as a classical dressage rider/trainer and competitor. In the last few years my focus has shifted away from a very goal centred to a more mindful approach. Any interactions with the horse from first approach to handling and riding if required prioritise the mental, emotional and physical well-being of all concerned."


"Grace has seen or heard something which has caused her to become anxious. All of her attention has been redirected, her mind is working overtime and she has become mentally disconnected from her body – she is no longer present. The last thing on her mind is me.

I do not become involved in her emotional state, I cannot direct her or teach her anything in this moment – she is not listening, she cannot hear me.

I give her my full attention and keep myself safe, ensuring I am not in her flight path should she choose it. I hold a peaceful space of non-reaction until she can reconnect with herself and me.

My hand sliding quickly down the rope is not as a means of control, but the rope has gained a life of its own and will hit one of us in the face – that won’t help 😉

See how quickly the situation is diffused. It could have gone another way...

If I become involved with her emotional state then I am soon also over thinking the situation, then we are both disconnecting from ourselves and each other, we are feeding off each other’s emotions, we are an accident waiting to happen.

It doesn’t matter what you do with your horse or what methods you use, learning cannot take place if either of you are in a state of high emotion.

You CAN take responsibility for the feelings you share – presence, peace of mind, listening, communicating 💗"


The video of Sally and Grace above is one of my favorites. A great example of Trust Technique relationship. Things can happen and could go wrong very quickly, but you can see how quickly a surprised horse calms down in the video when we take responsibility of the emotional state.

Here are her information...

Full Name: Sally Utton

Business Name: Graceful Horsemanship - including The Trust Technique® for all animals

Location (City, Country): Marlborough,UK


Social Media Link: Facebook @gracefulhorsemanshipuk

#MarlboroughUK #trusttechniquepractitioner

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