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Say "YES!" - Animal Communication

Make clearer communication with your animals
Say Yes! - Animal Communication

When we see our animals doing something we don’t want them to do, “No” is the first word coming out of our mouths.

“No” don’t do that!

I’m also guilty of that, but animals don’t recognize negative words such as “No” and “Don’t”. Instead, they recognize “that” because that is where our attention is. Humans communicate with languages and animals communicate telepathically. Animals see the images of what you are speaking of.

For example, when you say “don’t bark” to you dog, the dog receives the image of “barking”. When you say “don’t jump up on people”, the dog receives the image of “jumping up on people”. You see? (no pun intended) So, asking them to “close your mouth” or “put all paws down on the floor” is clearer for them.

Say "Yes!"

Another thing to remember, when you say “No” they may know that they did something wrong but they still don’t know what else to do.

Redirect them to do something you prefer, something easy and they already know such as “come here and sit”, “lay down”, etc. When they do what you ask of, say “Yes!”, reward them with praise or treats and let them know that you appreciate it. Animals are smart. As long as our communication is clear, they can pick up on it very quickly.

If animals are too excited and unable to hear you, then learn the Trust Technique®. It will help you and your animals.

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