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The Trust Technique Complementary to Dog Training

Trust Technique for hyper high energy dog

The Trust Technique can be complementary to dog training.

One of my clients had three dogs and especially two of them were very hyper and excitable with high energy. After a few sessions, I received her lovely testimonial as below.

"Masako worked with my dogs and I using the Trust Technique. She was able to calm them and then teach me to calm them. After working with her, my 3 rescues became calm enough to attend to their training and become less territorial. The combination of the Trust technique and training truly helped my 3 rescues get along and become well behaved. I highly recommend Masako to work with high energy dogs. With her help I was able to keep my dog family together and help them attend better to their training! I can't thank her enough!"

--- Lori Williams Critser

When they are too excited, they can't really learn anything. You can repeat many times but they can't retain what they learned. With the Trust Technique, you can reduce their thinking levels. They are more in a balanced state. They will understand what they are doing, so they can actually learn and retain what they learned.

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