Tips for Nurturing a New Pet and New Business Simultaneously

Written by: Cindy Aldridge

Tips for Nurturing a New Pet and New Business Simultaneously

Image via Unsplash

Many people would say that settling in a new pet and starting a new business are full-time jobs in and of themselves, but not you. You decided to go big by tackling two bucket list items at one time. While there is certainly no shame in doing so — in fact, kudos for your stellar decisions — know that nurturing your business to success and making your new companion feel at home may require a few lifestyle changes and some significant juggling.

Mine, Yours, Ours

Most people don’t anticipate them to be, but pets can be a distraction. In fact, so much so that since the world went virtual, people have been sharing stories about just how needy Fido or Fifi can be during the average workday. While you certainly shouldn’t neglect your furry friend’s needs during working hours, you should do what you can to eliminate opportunities for distraction as much as possible. One such way you can do this is by creating separate spaces for your new business and your pet.

For your pet, consider creating a pet den. Keep it close to your anticipated office so your new four-legged family member will always feel connected — to you even when you’re busy. Equip it with a bed, a few beloved toys and a water bowl.

As for your own space, RoomSketcher suggests setting it up to maximize creativity and productivity and minimize distractions. Pick a location that is well-suited to your work purposes. Ideally, this space will serve exclusively as your home office, but if you don’t have the space for that, pinpoint a corner where you can fit a desk, electronics and materials. Ensure the space gets plenty of light, as light affects mental clarity — especially during the post-lunch dip.

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