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Trust Technique and Animal Training

Trust Technique and Animal Training

The Trust Technique is not a training, although it helps resolving variety of animal's behavior problems. It is not competing any other animal training, but complimenting them. The significant difference is, in my opinion, that the Trust Technique takes animal's thinking levels into consideration and reduce their high thinking levels.

When we overthink, everything feels threatening, we start to worry, become defensive, very reactive, and we can't even hear or listen to anyone else. Animals are very similar, and if we can reduce their thinking levels, they can be more peaceful and in a balanced state. In this state, they can listen, learn, understand better and retain what they've learned because they understand. It means they don't have to repeat so many times to learn new things. It is very effective to introduce/teach new things while using the Trust Technique to reduce their thinking levels and working at their pace.

They also make different decisions and react differently in this balanced state. Thus many of their behavior issues naturally resolve.

Animals are highly intelligent. Let's explore!

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