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Trust Technique for Puppies

Trust Technique for puppies, Gift for puppy

Puppies are so adorable. They walk a little wobbly, are very cuddly, playful and curious. We just can't stop watching them. It takes a lot to care for them, but it's worth it.

One of my clients had a 10 weeks old puppy. She has been potty training him and around him 24/7. She has been really a good mom, but unfortunately the puppy developed severe separation anxiety. She put up a gate in the kitchen so that the puppy could safely stay in the kitchen while she was doing other things. Even when the puppy could see her, he whined and cried. The client told me that he cried out so much he lost his voice once before.

When I visited them, he was whining and crying the whole time when we were talking outside the gate. I could feel her helplessness and guilty feelings. I explained what the Trust Technique is and how it can help them, and did a demonstration inside the gate. The puppy showed his anxiety as his unpeace coming up to the surface during the demonstration, also his sensitivity came up and he started to scratch. Before long, after he expressed himself, he calmed down and got sleepy.

After I taught her this technique, we moved outside the gate and let her work with her puppy. As soon as we moved out, the puppy's mind came up and started whining, so she used the Trust Technique to reduce his thinking mind as I guided her through, and the puppy calmed down. It took only a few times, she was able to step a few feet away from the gate where he couldn't see her. The more she did it, the less time it took for the puppy to calm down. After a while, the puppy voluntary went back and lie-down as she walked back. She wanted to show her mother and left the room but the puppy was still relaxed and half asleep. All of the sudden, he became a chill puppy.

This is a clear communication with her puppy. She asked the puppy to be peaceful by himself (not with words but with the feeling) using the Trust Technique, and the puppy understood and responded. Now she can use this technique for anything such as noise sensitivity, fear of know and unknown, too much excitement, etc. by reducing the puppy's thinking level and supporting him at the puppy's pace.

The Trust Technique is such a wonderful gift to give yourself and your animal.

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Trust Technique is a tool to take with you for your journey with your animals

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