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What is the Trust Technique®?

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

What is the trust technique?

So, what is the Trust Technique® (TT) I’ve been speaking about? It is so vast and difficult to contain it in short sentences, but I will explain in a short article to the best of my ability from my experience.

1) TT recognizes that animals and humans share feelings

Sometimes what you are feeling is what your animal is feeling, and what your animal is feeling is what you are feeling.

Reactive behaviors

2) TT looks at how we react with each other

We often react with each other in a negative way and unintentionally create negative patterns. TT teaches you how to create peace-of-mind for the animal to react to so that you can break the negative patterns.

3) TT looks at thinking levels

When our thinking levels are too high (overthinking), it generates fear and anxiety, and we become reactive because everything feels threatening. Animals are the same way. (Overthinking Animals)

Now, did you notice these are not only between humans and animals, but also between us humans? Animals are thinking feeling beings just like we are.

TT uses a simple method to reduce our thinking levels to reduce our animal’s thinking levels while mindfully regarding the animals and listening to their opinions (mindful regard = listening state). {This is where my business name “Regarding Animals” came from.} If we can reduce the animal’s thinking level, the animal will be able to look at the environment in a peaceful way. Thus, many of behavior problems will resolve itself.

There are three principles.

1. Creative reaction

To create peace for the animal to react to, build a deeper level of relationship, build trust and confidence

2. Realization learning

After the creative reaction is established (this can happen simultaneously), this is the next step to overcome behavior problems by self-leaning process.

3. Trusted cooperation

To build cooperative spirit by mutual communication/understanding and willingness to work together

TT taught me a lot about animals and also a lot about myself. This is not only for your animal but also for yourself. You will learn how to bring peace to your animal, the relationship with your animal, as well as yourself. This can ripple out in many ways in your life.

To learn more about the Trust Technique, please watch the Messages of Trust that describes the essence of what the Trust Technique is in great details and has great videos clips as examples or Book Online for consultation.

What is the trust technique?

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