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Why I Adopt Older Cats

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Yes, Kittens are great. They are super cute and playful. You’ll never get tired of watching them. I have rescued and adopted kittens before. I even bottle fed one of them because she and her siblings were found abandoned as soon as they were born.

What I like about adopting older cats is

“what you see is what you get”

If you like a cuddly cat, find a cuddly cat. If you like an independent cat, find an independent cat, if you like to hold a cat, find one who likes to be held. Kittens seems to go through some phases and you can’t really predict how they are growing up to be like. The cat I bottle fed turned out to be a cat who doesn’t like to be held. Some became shy and some became cuddly.

I adopted Fifi when she was 8 years old in 2018, and Toe-Bee when he was 10 years old in early this year (2020). Why? Fifi didn’t mind being held and I liked that. Toe-Bee didn’t mind being petted even by little children and I liked that.

Fifi on the left. Toe-Bee on the right

Many people might think older cats won’t get attached to new persons, but that’s not true. They will learn new names you give them and they will follow you around like a puppy (as long as they are not sleepy lol). They are very playful too! Fifi’s name was “Teagan” and Toe-Bee was “Klondike” at the shelter. Fifi is with me more than a year, so she knows her name and responds. Toe-Bee is with me only for a couple of months and getting there.

For these reasons, I encourage anyone to find older cats. They have so much love to give and will greatly appreciate you.

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