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Your Animals can Feel Your Stress

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Share peace instead of stress

Animals are very sensitive to energy. They can feel your stress. This time of uncertainty makes us feel vulnerable, insecure, worry and fearful. All those feelings are energies. Animals could even change their behaviors based on those energies (your feelings) that could lead to behavior problems.

This is another benefit of the Trust Technique. This very simple technique teaches you how to intentionally create peace-of-mind and peaceful environment for your animals and for yourself. This is the best time to practice the Trust Technique.

It is OK to feel fearful and stressed out. Just know that you have the power to shift your energy.

You are lucky to have your animals in your life. Just looking away from the news, and look at your animals or look at nature outside. Shift your thoughts from future or past. Just be still and be present. This alone can shift your energy. Share the peaceful energy with your animals instead of your stress.

Help your animals. Help yourself.

Animals ground you into your body. Be still. Be present

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