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"I have a dream

That all animals be treated with mindful regard

Now is the time

That we adopt a wiser understanding that recognizes the difference between fear and trust motivation

Now is the time

To explore animal intelligence with trusted cooperation

I have a dream"

― James French

What is the Trust Technique®?


The Trust Technique® was born out of the lifelong experience of James French with animals, and further developed by working with his partner, Shelley Slingo. The Trust Technique® recognizes that animals and humans share feelings, and looks at how we react with each other. Many of negative behaviors of animals are created by negative reactive patterns.

By understanding this, we can intentionally create peace of mind for the animal to react to. It breaks the negative patterns/cycles and resolves problems for the human, for the animal and for both together. In the process, the animal lets go of unpeace. It works not only for resolving the behavioral issues, but also for healing emotionally and physically. The byproduct of this is a deeper level of relationship that builds trust and confidence in the relationship, in themselves and in their human.

There are three principles;

Creative Reaction

This is the foundation of the Trust Technique®. When we reduce our thinking level, we can also reduce the animal's thinking level and help them become peaceful. When they are peaceful, they can look at the environment in a peaceful way. This brings positive changes to their lives, as a result, most of behavior issues will be resolved.

Realization Learning

Once Creative Reaction is established, we can help the animal even further in a different environment. By carefully regarding the animal using Mindful Regard, working at their pace, supporting the animal every step of the way, the animal can realize and learn themselves

Trusted Cooperation

The animal and their human open up a gate way of 2-way intuitive communication. Trusted Cooperation is to work with the animal with gratitude. The animal will feel a strong connection and will want to do whatever the person asks of. If they can't you will know why. This is a truly trusted relationship that we can cooperate one another.

Just imagine;

when your boss asks you to do something and you do it because you don't want to upset your boss <boss-servant (fear-base) relationship>, and when your best friend asks you to do something and you do it because you want to and you know that your best friend got your back too! <BFF (trust-base) relationship>


You see the difference?

Relationship is everything!

What are the Benefits?


  • Resolve behavioral issues

(overly excitable, anxiety, nervous, timid, shy, fearful and/or aggression towards people or other animals, etc.)

  • Help healing emotionally and physically

  • Build much deeper and stronger relationship

  • Build trust and confidence in the relationship, themselves and their human

Want to learn more?

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*For Skype consultation, you must be able to be on camera with your animal.

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